Aug 19

Low Back Pain Prevention

“Prevention is preferable to Cure” stands true for back pain. Back pain can undoubtedly be prevented if we take good care of particular things. First of all we must get the cause of back pain. The causes can be many a fold. Most common being, over the years wear and tear of spinal column while we use our backs leading to what’s referred to as mechanical back pain, “Preventionis:e: the pain related to actions, movement as well as change of position. So, we have to pay attention to how we use our back in day to day tasks. Initially, we have till it becomes impregnated in our subconscious mind to practice it actively. Below are the points one demand to practice to stop back pain.

Primarily, we all have to practice a great bearing. We should all make an effort to sit tall, walk tall and stand tall. This aids to keep the spine’s curves in the bodily posture that is natural, without causing undue stress on tissues. Constantly recall there is a great carriage attainable with sensory, visual signals and feedback from the surroundings. We attempt to shift our position often and have to avoid being in one position for lengthy intervals. As an example, we have to avoid sitting in a single posture at a reach and attempt to integrate change or few reaches to standing or walking. Failure to do so can result in back pain usually seen in desk occupation folks.

Second, we have to be watchful of our backs when we passage from one place to another and while taking heavy weights. For instance, while getting up from lying position, instead of getting up, we have to turn and get up. Likewise, while lifting something heavy from earth, we have to keep our back by keeping weight as much close to the body and bending at knees. Additionally, one should avoid lifting more than 5 kg of weight from the earth manually.
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