CaroylnHi readers. I am pleased to welcome you to my website, frontbiosci! Most of us will have a lot of queries about skin issues, health problems, diet secrets and weight loss issues. As a dietician, my patients would constantly ask me for tips and remedies very frequently. So one day, I thought to myself, why not start my own blog so that I will be able explain useful tips and information regarding skin care, weight loss, and health issues. Over the years, this blog has received over a thousand of readers having positive results after taking my suggestions and tips. If you are in search of the best beauty blogs and tips, make sure you keep following my articles for easiest home remedies to solve your issues. You can also post your queries through the contact page. I am happy to help you anytime!

Our Books

In autumn 2017 we published our first book: Front Biosci. It provides a wealth of information and tips on the use of turmeric in the kitchen and, of course, many turmeric recipes as well as a special extra: the 7-day turmeric cure. Our book is equipped with professional photos, has a practical spiral binding, and the purely vegetable recipes have been optimized several times by our three-person cooking team so that they are guaranteed to succeed. Due to the rapid sell-out, the second updated edition was published in October 2018.

Our second cookbook will be published at the end of November 2018: The surplus base cookbook. It spoils you with 36 wholesome and vegan main courses as well as 10 sauce and dip recipes. Our main courses are arranged in such a way that there is something for every taste, no matter whether you love the quick or the elaborate cuisine or whether you like to eat lightly or rather home-style.

Our articles

With our articles about health and nutrition we would like to provide all interested people with information that helps them to stay healthy or to become healthy with simple and natural means. Our articles and information are based as far as possible on the available scientific evidence.

Of course there are not scientific studies for every naturopathic measure. However, naturopathy is many thousands of years old and the wealth of experience of many naturopathic treatments is correspondingly great. Therefore, studies often only confirm what has been known for many years. Existing scientific evidence is therefore not the ultimate proof of the effectiveness of a measure. And a lack of scientific evidence does not automatically mean that a measure cannot be effective.

Our articles are also regularly updated and read and reviewed by at least one other expert before publication.

Everyone shapes his or her own life and health

Our goal is to encourage people to show them how strong they are in reality and how strong their body’s self-healing powers are. We want people to see how they can actively shape and influence their lives, happiness and health. This also includes shaking the sole claim of orthodox medicine. It is unacceptable that there should be no other way in case of illness than the conventional medicine and that people are considered irresponsible only because they doubt the advice of their doctor and want to question it and inform themselves – simply not because they want to go other and at the same time healthier ways on their own responsibility.

We therefore point out the shortcomings of conventional medicine, so that everyone can freely decide which measures of conventional medicine they would like to use and which from naturopathy. It is therefore not a question of rejecting orthodox medicine outright, but of being able to choose the most suitable one for oneself from every area in a well-informed manner.

Conventional medicine is indispensable in emergency medicine, surgery and above all in objectifiable diagnostics, but due to its symptom-oriented approach it is not always effective in the causal therapy of chronic diseases.

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