How to Password Protect WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has become the ultimate choice when it comes to instant messaging, file sharing, group chatting, as well as now free voice calling from your Smartphone’s. The app has become so popular that every day more than 27 billion instant messages are being exchanged between its over 900 million users. This is how extensively it’s being used all across the world and cherished by millions of users because of such amazing features offered by its developers.

However, one lacking feature which we are addressing here is of WhatsApp does not have any built-in feature that will allow its users to password protect it. But, the solution of this thing is available by installing third party apps, which permit users to set a password for this popular WhatsApp. But password protecting WhatsApp doesn’t mean that things visible to other WhatsApp user like status and profile picture can’t be hidden, so if you using any private profile picture or any private status like whatsApp love status then hide them from settings. By making your installed WhatsApp password protected will make it eradicate the anxiety of securing your private chat and other data accessible to anyone else – as the app will ask for your set password every time you want to open it.

Here is An App for Android User to Make WhatsApp Password Protected:

Messenger and Chat Lock:

whatsapp 15

The app can be downloaded from play store by any Android users, it’s a free for all small size app, which takes few seconds to download and install on user’s devices. After installing the app the usage of it for the password protection of WhatsApp is very simple as soon as  you will open it the app will ask for typing 4 digit pin, which will be implemented as your “Messenger and Chat Lock” application opening pin as well as will be set as your – WhatsApp Password. This means that the once set pin will be the app password for your WhatsApp, the source app itself – even for any other app you will select for password protection in the app menu. As, this easy to use Messenger and Chat Lock Android application not just allow its user to lock your WhatsApp, user can also turn on and off password for many other applications installed on the user device.

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Isn’t it so cool that one simple app with only one 4-digit pin can password protect all your wanted apps, which you want to password protect – including your favorite WhatsApp too.  Although, there are several other similar types of apps available in the app store for users, however after using it myself, I find this Messenger and Chat Lock one of the best uncomplicated free app – that can make all your messaging and social networking apps password protected.


So, make use of the above cited wonderful free app to password protect your WhatsApp and other wanted apps with 4 digit password – which can be changed at any point of time by the user. Moreover, if forget can also be recovered through your set security question answer. This security question unique answer can be set by going into “Messenger and Chat Lock” settings by users. Thus, enjoy this apps amazing feature of putting password on your most users messaging and social networking apps filled with your private data – from exploitation.

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